Monday, May 2, 2011

Soup Served: Bin Laden is Dead

I am under a strange cloud of feelings. As a human being I don't celebrate anyone's death whether a muslim or non-muslim. As I read different reactions to the debacle of the killing of Osama, I understand how it has effected everyone on the globe.

Personally I believe Osama has done no good to the very religion he held dear; Islam. He has blotted the name of Islam and has caused it to become a much hated religion in present times. Muslims living in non-muslim countries find it hard to practise their beliefs as the religion has become tarnished by the actions of the extremist elements. Osama did nothing but harm Islam and carried out his murderous raids in the name of religion. He certainly cannot be considered a hero of the religion.

I remember how my boss, a Christian started hating me after 9/11. He had lost a close relative in one of the Twin Towers. He would forward to the entire company all the hate emails that he would receive about muslims and immigrants. The irony is, he himself was a second or third generation American. But his rage continued. To end the harassment, I resigned. Today I am sure he received his justice like many and was compensated for what he went through. But when will I get my compensation for the hate and the harassment?? I too suffered and continue to do so mentally. There is no end in sight because of the rotten image Islam has been given thanks to Bin Laden.

Bin Laden has changed the world in many aspects. Among them,he has changed the aviation safety rules. Those annoying delays, pat downs, head to toe screenings at airports have his footprints. Those free unchecked entries into buildings are gone. What can and cannot be carried into high traffic areas such as the bottled water, beverages, mobile phone, cameras, purses, backpacks, hats etc. all have his name on it.

Of all the comments I read, I love the one issued by the Vatican. Below is an excerpt:

"Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden will have to answer to God for having killed many people and exploiting religion to spread hate, the Vatican said."

Spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said that while Christians "do not rejoice" over a death, it serves to remind them of "each person's responsibility before God and men".

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