Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Art of Quilting

In a remote village there once lived a wise old woman. She had many hobbies but her favorite one was quilting. She was famous for her bold designs and masterly stitch. None could match her abilities which was why she stitched effortlessly the most exquisite and marvelous quilts using bold bright colors and trigonometric designs and hexagonal patterns. She wove pure magic.

One unfortunate day the old lady broke her glasses and sadly enough became disabled from her poor eye-sight due to which her project was left unfinished. She pushed aside her sewing paraphernalia and sat in her old rocking chair. Days passed without her doing her craft and she wondered how the quilt could be finished. Just then she came up with a brilliant idea and she gathered some enthusiastic youngsters who envied her art and craft. She volunteered to teach them how to stitch. So daily these youngsters came to her home for her valuable guidance and she provided them with the squatting space, sunlight, threads, needles, scissors, fabric and pattern. Whilst they stitched, the old lady served them with dry fruits. The students sometimes demanded fresh fruits saying they were tastier than the dried ones. The clever old lady would gently cajole them saying “fresh fruits were messier than dried ones….”

At times when the process of quilting slowed down or would become tedious, the wise lady would pull out a different bright colored fabric that would immediately engage the young minds once again. She would instruct on how to fancy cut the bright fabric and introduce it into the design. Soon berry red, royal blue, seaweed green, bright orange, plush magenta colors with a wide array of other colors were all used in the design of the quilt. The old lady cleverly introduced a newer pattern and cuts into the existing trigonometric design.

Eventually the quilt was completed by the youngsters. It was not only eye pleasing but astonishing for the quilt had an exquisite wealth of color, design, and neatness. It also had a great length to it which made it extremely peculiar and rare than the rest. The crafty old lady crafted an extraordinary quilt but not by herself. All she did was, give a nudge and the rest of the enchantment came from the youngsters. There was one concern in the village of what would happen after the quilt was completed. Would they start taking interest in gardening??

Friday, December 23, 2011

From $600 to $60

What a journey and memorable experience!! I purchased a fancy piece of jewelry 5 years ago for $600 when it was on sale for 50 % off. I never wore the ring. After a few years, I grew tired of it and decided to sell it. This is where the journey began.

I took it to the Home Consignment Center. They offered $600 for the cocktail ring but also had a 60:40 ratio split which is a fancy way of saying I would only receive $340 out of the $600. I found similar cocktail rings with them which they sold for over $1000. So I am sure after I agreed to their deal, they would have sold my ring for over $1000. Anyways, I walked away. Next I went to a pawn shop called EZ Pawn. They checked the ring by a device that gave blue-greenish light if the stones were diamonds which it did. They offered $400. Again I walked away.

My next stop was at another pawn shop called Super Pawn Shop. They looked at it and offered $180. I felt offended and so walked away. While I cursed the Super Pawn Shop in my mind, I took the highway and exited near another strip of shops near my home. I went to a Jewelry Store and asked if they bought used jewelry. They replied in negative. Then I went to the next Jewelry Store and they politely said they only value the gold and not the diamonds. So if they wanted to buy it, the offer would be only $120. I laughed and left. I went to one last shop which was a pawn shop. Keeping my hopes high, I entered and showed them the ring. After they weighed it, flashed the fancy light on it, entered information in their computer, they came up with $60. They wanted me to sell my $600, 14k white gold, 2 carat white and black diamond cocktail ring for $60!!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cosmic Balance

There once was a girl who loved making ripples in the water. Every day she went to the beautiful pond, would throw a stone and then watch the ripples from a distance. The little girl believed if the waters were not stirred, the pond would become stagnant. Sometimes she threw a couple of stones for a much magical effect. She admired the wavelengths, the circumference and the gradual disappearance of the ripples as it travelled across the pond. All this gave much pleasure to the little girl but not to the fish in the pond. The fish enjoyed the childish antic in the beginning but then grew wary of the muddy water stirred below. The fish couldn't migrate from the pond as it was their home and they loved it; nor did the little girl stop throwing stones in the water as she loved doing it.....
How much is too much?

Monday, December 12, 2011

Media Mess

Recently I decided to stop watching and reading the news. I have come to a point in my life where I find the news interfering and distracting my otherwise peaceful day. In a world of chaos and unhappiness, whatever solace and calm I can find or create is a great gift I try to share.

The more one is detached from the media (regarding news) the more one can focus on household chores, family, relationships and one's own-self. It is the Media's aim to create a ripple and then huff and puff at it or blow it into ridiculous proportions so that it lingers in one's mind for days. I am simply fed up with it all. If you haven't tried the Media boycott with regards to news, try it and you will find yourself less dependent on anti-depressants and will enjoy a full night's sleep!!

Peace to all!!