Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I've been searching......
In the last couple of months that is what I've been doing....
The hardest part of searching is, you know you are looking for something but its' never to be found.

I look for posts. Something that would keep me occupied for a while, something that can keep me entertained.
I get fed up with the lousy news which is always grim so I look up posts on Facebook. Again it is moaning, whining or self obsessed pictures and posts. I don't bother on pretending to like those anymore. I've switched off my live coverage of TV so no connection with most of the miseries depicted on TV or the nasty characters they show and try to promote to our younger generation. Too much publicity of one product over another. Fake happiness shown while promoting clothes, things of the kitchen, home, or stuff you see on vacation. Have you ever been shocked not to see the exact same picture perfect location whilst visiting some of these promised to be beautiful and breathtaking destinations? Well don't be shocked because these are the tactical ways used to lure people into the otherwise not so special location or deal...
Yeah I see the pyramids of Giza displayed beautifully everywhere. They are promising and are one of the seven wonders of the world. But do they ever show you the garbage swirling around in the close vicinity of the pyramids or the fact you can climb on them and sit on these marvelous wonders (even though signs are clearly posted that you can't)? Talk about enjoying a snack on the pyramids...!!!
See I like to watch reality shows that are showing real 'experiences' even if the show is staged. You get to watch parts of nature, customs, cultures and destinations that are not powdered in make-up. All is raw. I don't go for carnage but I am talking about real decent footage of experiences that are not graphic in the sense of being bloody... yes, the term is real experience.
When the program ends, so does the reality of showbiz. You have to do searches again..

I've been searching for jobs lately. I should do something uselful with myself, my acquired talents and education. But what is it that organizations search for?  Oh again, 'search'. So my search currently is for a job. And for information. And for something that makes me feel good while I enjoy reading, looking, eating or doing it.

The journey of 'searching' always has its ups and downs. Its a camel top journey......

Friday, March 21, 2014


Mind with pendulous thoughts
To do        or      not to do
To see      or      not to see
To take      or     not to take
To hope     or     not to hope
'To be        or     not to be'.

Thoughts like tides
climb high and fall low
splash and disappear
into drops and then drop.
Thoughts when rust
amputate Desires
To hear              to see
To act                to sleep
To remember    to enjoy
To preserve       to share
To care             to exist.

Thoughts minor or exalted
piled untidely in that store-house
The door always locked.
Let Hamlet run
But can I??
The kingdom of chaos
that I hold within,
of timelessness and emptiness.
Can I escape
a hanging, weightless, adrift creature,
An astronaut abandoned
in the Space
of thoughts, thoughts, thoughts ...........


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