Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Faithful Partner

The stars so quiet
so splendid
as our friendship seems to be.
Inconsiderate and dominant
unpretentious and generous
is my one and only true companion,
who shares my sorrows,
my fears, my troubles equally.
So faithful is my friend
at times it seems untrue;
One who knows my thoughts,
my heart
'Will never betray, has never betrayed.'
the motto of my admirer's life.
A desire so improper
sleeps and wakes
but my mind, I cannot tame.
O! For once taste infidelity!!
Nay--Am I too notorious
or too generous a lover?
A single day, a single moment
cannot be,
without my beloved here with me.
In light and in dark
through thick and thin
my pursuer stays with me.
Together we sit, together we stand
together we see.
In dark moonless nights
accross the romantic fire,
a fire feeding wicked warmth,
gentle yet wild flames play in eachother's eyes.
O how it burns me at times
when the hurt becomes intolerable
I tell my lover,
'Leave me !!-----forever!!'
If only my immortal partner,
my Past,
would get up and leave me forever,


Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Bear and The Lions

A group of lions living on the plains of Africa roamed the land in pure grace and pride. On the plain all animals lived in pretentious harmony. The lions had no pretense about them. They showed off and roared fiercely at one another and at any animal within vicinity. This group of aggressive lions was respected and feared by all. But the group itself tried to outdo each other in ferocity.

Daily these lions roared, each trying to sound fiercer and louder. But the practice of show-off soon lost all appeal and became mundane.
In contrast, the clever bear from the green mountains far-far away would come out once awhile during the year, hunt for berries or salmon and then go back into hibernation. But he would be feared, respected and applauded by all creatures for his choice of meal and his sharp shiny claws that he used for his kill...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Distribution

Once upon a time there lived a God fearing King who wanted his poverty stricken subjects to be fed during the recent famine. He asked his counsel to arrange for all the poor to come to his kingdom where grains would be distributed amongst them. The King was shocked to see a large number of people come. He worried about an even distribution and who could take responsibility over the daunting job. An announcement was made as to who could distribute the food amongst the poor in a manner like God. The King’s advisor volunteered to do the job and told the king it will be taken care of diligently.

After a couple of hours the king's advisor came back and told the king that the work was done and that all the subjects received their portion of grain. The king was dumb-founded over the swiftness of the distribution and immediately doubted the advisor. He ordered for the advisor to be interrogated.

When questioned, the advisor replied, “I did it like you ordered. You wanted the distribution to be done exactly how God would have done it.”
The king nodded his head but still wanted to know how come it took so little time.
The advisor explained, “Well, I gave full cups of grain to some, to some I gave half a cup, and then to others I gave a few grains….just like how God distributes wealth and food…

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Light and The Bud

Bits of light, through window and creaks
claim their way
to flirt with flowers dry.
The solitary bud
unfortunate to exist, laments
'Don't tease me dear,
as did with friends here near,
lest I shall die
with hopes go dry.
Are you the same
that embraced this vase
giving vigour and life;
My friends
full of color, humming tunes
cosy to bees and butterflies.
Now they exist, as things of the Past
a waste in the Present,
with dust saddled upon them.
I see particles lift,
through your golden apparel
light they seem
but burden my memories
and the by-gone lives
as dust falls upon dust...

photo by rgbimg

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

The message/lecture by Randy is such a life-changer. Your view(s) on life will change guaranteed!!! Please pass the message on.

photo from google

Friday, July 1, 2011

How Did I Do It???

I wonder at my incompetence…. For the past week I have been eating myself up alive. I deleted all of my son’s birth photos and other precious moments of his first 3 months over a year ago and realized my mistake only now. I had a back up on a flash drive which was a faulty drive that I threw away when I moved to my new house in March, thinking I had a back-up on a CD. I had a back up for EVERYTHING except my son’s birth pics and his first 3 months!!! Unbelievable!!!! Unbelievable!!!!
I have been cursing myself every since realizing my fault. I have run a recovery software with my fingers crossed hoping to come across a snapshot but nothing turned up. The worst part is, I have always cut and pasted my pictures onto other media so pictures I had deleted showed up under the recovery software but none of the pictures I had cut and pasted showed up. Therefore there is no hope what so ever to recover my son’s precious moments. I am a total IDIOT and cannot forgive myself. I am grateful to God for my sons and pray for their health and life. May they outlive me, be healthy, wise, responsible, religious and be my shade in my old age and pray for my forgiveness to God when I am long gone. Amen