Friday, July 1, 2011

How Did I Do It???

I wonder at my incompetence…. For the past week I have been eating myself up alive. I deleted all of my son’s birth photos and other precious moments of his first 3 months over a year ago and realized my mistake only now. I had a back up on a flash drive which was a faulty drive that I threw away when I moved to my new house in March, thinking I had a back-up on a CD. I had a back up for EVERYTHING except my son’s birth pics and his first 3 months!!! Unbelievable!!!! Unbelievable!!!!
I have been cursing myself every since realizing my fault. I have run a recovery software with my fingers crossed hoping to come across a snapshot but nothing turned up. The worst part is, I have always cut and pasted my pictures onto other media so pictures I had deleted showed up under the recovery software but none of the pictures I had cut and pasted showed up. Therefore there is no hope what so ever to recover my son’s precious moments. I am a total IDIOT and cannot forgive myself. I am grateful to God for my sons and pray for their health and life. May they outlive me, be healthy, wise, responsible, religious and be my shade in my old age and pray for my forgiveness to God when I am long gone. Amen


  1. Don't give up hope. Take your pc to a computer specialist. They may can do something that you haven't thought of? Or maybe they is a chance that you put them on a different CD thrown in with other photos?.......... I had beat myself up when I had accidentally deleted my sons photos. I went through old CDS, my email and MySpace and finally found a copy of what I wanted. It was a small copy but it was better than nothing. I could always have it blown up bigger.... Does any of your family or friends have photos that they can give you of your son at birth to 3 months?
    Your not a idiot. I've felt what your feeling and it is a bad feeling but I am sure that somebody has photos of those moments. Does your hos. do photos when your babies are born? If so the hos. could get you copies of those. Since that same thing happened to me now I try and send my mobile photos and other photos to my email and save then in a "saved folder". I pray that you find your photos.
    July 2, 2011 6:01 AM

  2. Thanks Tammy. I found thumbnails of 3 to 4 photos and like you said, its better than nothing. But my husband thinks that the computer specialists might hack his/our identity as we've done taxes etc on the computer. So he says not to give the computer to a computer specialist. That is what holds be back....I did find some pics here and there that I sent to family and friends. THANKS GOD for those!!! please pray for me. thanks!!!
    July 2, 2011 1:12 PM