Friday, April 29, 2011

Princess of Wales, Dianna

Today was Prince William's wedding. It was such a beautiful wedding. Notably absent was his beautiful mother the late Princess of Wales, Diana. One wonders what impact her presence must have had on the wedding had she been alive and graced this event. I am sure about one thing that she would have "stolen" the spotlight from Kate like she did from her husband Charles years ago on her own wedding. I remember reading the Newsweek line, "Diana, stop stealing the show.." a reference to her taking all the media attention from Charles. And it continued long afterwards to the dismay of the Royal family.

Diana was not only beautiful but innocent. She was 19 years old when she married Charles. She was soon dubbed Shy Di for her shy and bashful nature. She was the epitome of beauty, elegance, style, grace, sweetness, and courage. She had her feet on the ground yet there was something grand about her. Her touch was human yet it healed many. Her presence was undoubtly so impressive that dignitaries from around the world would fidget in her presence. She was the most photographed woman of the world.

Young Kate may imitate the style and approach of Diana but will always be Kate; not Diana. She may be compared to Diana but she will always trail behind Diana. The reason: Diana came into an enviroment that was stiff and bold. She broke all barriers and traditions that the Royals observed for centuries. She gave the Royals a touch of modernity, a face of benevolence, compassion, beauty, style and grace along with duty as opposed to their stiff upper lip tradition(s), practices and appearance. She showed the world that she is a Royal but with a human heart; she cried, lamented and fell public.
So Kate can do good things, maybe better but she has to remember that she owes it to Diana who paved the way for her.

Diana, we miss you and today on your son's wedding you were being missed even more......May you find the solace, happiness and freedom that you deserved... Rest in peace!!


  1. Thanks for your sharing about Princess of the heart... May her soul rest in peace.

    Added yr blog in my blog list.

    May 1, 2011 7:49 PM

  2. i like and idealize her.. she was so elegant and graceful... may her soul rest in peace