Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Where Do I Go..?

"When I talk of the East, he talks of the West. When I talk of the South, he talks of the North. When I want to run, he wants to walk. When I want to talk, he wants to sleep. And the list goes miles long.
Sometimes I wonder which direction to look in that will allow us to synchronize our views and our thoughts."

      My friends words reiterates in my mind. I have heard this so many times. I have started to believe this has become the norm of almost every relationship. Some people walk off and enter new relationships yet some choose to stick with this pale relationship due to kids, a binding responsibility. Some may not choose to stay because of the kids but because of other responsibilities that pose as huge risks and challenges or social norms and traditions placed upon a marriage in a society much different than the West.

       It is important for a Man to compliment his woman and vice versa. Regardless of what others think, it is the thought and consideration of the partner that really matters. I once overheard a conversation between a nurse and a patient. The nurse asked the lady what her height was. The lady answered with ambiguity "5.6'' or 5.8'' or ... I don't know exactly." The nurse looked at her and said, "you know I think your partner should tell you and then only then you will remember.."
      I thought about what the nurse said and then realized it is true. If the partner ever noticed you, you would know more about yourself than the mirror tells you every time you look at it. It is not your eyes that always sees you effectively. If the partner appreciates you or what you do, you don't need a mirror at all because your mirror is your partner; he/she tells you what you are.

     Appreciation goes a long way. It is an essential ingredient in any relationship. Whether you deal with kids, your own or not, your partner, your friends etc all fall under this spectrum of hungry for attention and appreciation. A kind word does magic. So try praising someone, anyone. You will see improvements in the overall attitude. Lets hope someone will do the same for you!!!!

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