Friday, April 20, 2012

"D" is for Decorum

I remember how in Literature class I had a tough time distinguishing Greek and Roman Literature and Art.
Both the Greeks and Romans gave us sublime literature that stay unparalleled to this day. Hence their art is Classic.

Literature is a mirror and reflects a writer's version of events in (his) world. The world is vast and every person holds a different point of view which is shared through various mediums namely painting, sculptures, poetry, prose, drama, music etc collectively known as arts.

I find beauty in both, well balanced and style conscious art as well as the spur of the moment written/composed art. Sometimes decorum kills spontaneity. There is beauty in non-conformity as it is the closest thing to Nature itself.

Now I know that the Greeks played with just their imagination and fueled ours through their wild, pure and rich arts while the Romans blessed us with decorum and style combined with great art. Both hold important reigns in the world of literature.

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