Friday, April 20, 2012

"C" is for Comments

I love reading comments left for me on twitter, facebook and my blog. It is what keeps me going sometimes. Comments are like those few words of encouragement that a curious child seeks from his parents.

When I leave a comment for others, I make sure it is not mere buttering but something true about that person and what he has written. Praise is necessary when you want to push someone to do something he has a natural ability, a potential to do. Fake praise is sometimes necessary to get 'that something' done like getting your kids to do something 'right' and praising them for achieving it extraordinarily. Later in life you may want to keep things real in an effort to combat ego problems of superiority complex. But during childhood be there to praise, encourage and comment.

I remember how my 2 year old was climbing and jumping from all sorts of odd places with my encouragement while other mom's held on to their kids. The fear fed the kids while my son looked for my encouragement. One mom told me she will start praising her kids for small efforts after seeing what I had been doing.

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  1. Comments. Yep, we all like encouragement, and in that respect, we are all children at heart :-)