Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ghost Followers, Readers and Clicks

Every blogger wants to know who read their blog. You will be surprised that you have member(s) from the website '' reading your blogs daily. Another site is '' and '' where you get hits on your blog. But what is it that attracts their attention especially sites like risingtaste and businessonline etc where your blog has nothing to do with 'business'? There are tons of other websites that are getting into the business of 'spamming', targeting bloggers pretending to be loyal readers of their blog.

It makes you feel better that you have an audience who is interested in almost all of your posts. Have you ever wondered why there is no comment from them despite visiting your blog daily? That is because these sites belong to spammers. They are not hackers. Their intent is to have you click back to their website which earns them revenue. Read ranking in terms of traffic and revenue.
  • Never open accounts with shady websites that promise to expose your blog and bring traffic.
  • Avoid following back sites. There are alot of porn sites that end with ".ly" or so and they too are looking for generating traffic to their site(s).
  • Every time you check the Stats on your blog, IGNORE the ones that visit your blog everyday with no track of ever leaving a comment. They will be spammers.

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