Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Son's First Day of School

6th September 2011 was my son's first day of school. Officially he now has embarked on the long journey of schooling/education making it his first major milestone. While he remained enthusiastic about it, I was anxious. I couldn't sleep the night before he started and had bouts of anxiety while he lay peacefully by my side. I had flashbacks of him being born till him jumping and playing in the present day.

I started missing him weeks before he even started  and thus stopped doing my extra-curricular activities to spend more time with him. Friends queried why I wasn't on Facebook or blogging and my reply was that I needed more time with my kids.

We never knew how our own parents felt when we started school but clearly remember our own first day of school. It's only when we have our own kids that we get to experience this new conjoined feeling of fear and faith seeing them off to school. I lose my son for part of the day but I know he is learning things that are the tools of shaping his future.

I tried hard to hold back tears as the line of kids started making their way towards their classrooms. I kept watching the disappearing line when all of a sudden my son pops out his head and gets out of league just to say, "momma I love you and miss you..." and then blows a kiss.

I love him and miss him every minute but I also want him to succeed in every challenge of Life with God by his side and my love wrapped around him. Like a friend has said, "Spend more time with your kids before they vanish into adults..."

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  1. Oh...I missed this post, Marjaan! I hope it has gotten easier for you. That first day is so hard! I cried when each of my three had their first day of school. I sobbed when the youngest went to kindergarden. I know I cried not just because he was stepping out into the big world without me, but also because I knew an era had come to an end. The time when I still had a preschooler with me. Time is so fleeting. Now I have a granddaughter who started preschool this year.

    Enjoy all the time you can with him!
    September 29, 2011 6:24 PM