Tuesday, September 29, 2015

You want me to want things..... And you want me to be content
You want me to be happy..... And you want me to be somber
You want me to be strong..... And you want me to be humble
You want me to dream..... And you want me to stay awake
You want me to laugh freely..... And you want me to hide my laugh
You want me to question things..... And you want me not to question everything
You want me to be constantly good..... And you want me to make mistakes
You want me to live life...... And you want me to meditate all day long
You want me to be respectful..... And you want me to be defensive
You want me to eat &drink..... And you want me not to eat &drink everything.
You want me to be peaceful inside..... And you want me to be fierce
You want me to be fearless..... And you want me to fear you
You want me to walk gently..... And you want me to run
You want me to face odds..... And you want me to think it’s a test
You want me to fight battles..... And you want me to think it could be a punishment
You want me to accept things..... And you want me to challenge them
You want me to wait..... And you want me jump ahead
You want me to cry..... And you want me not to despair
You want me to make choices.....And you want me to accept my fate.

So tell me O God What shall I do? 


  1. Always such a rare pleasure to have poetry included in the Weekend Writing Warriors! Welcome to the blog hop, by the way :) Thought provoking piece. As a Moderator, I do have to remind you we limit poems to 150 words, there needs to be a visible active link back to the central page and if you could please put the Weekend Writing Warriors title on the post along with your title? (Nag, nag, nag, I know, but housekeeping's my job here LOL.) Since it's your first post with us we'll leave it on the list for this week!

  2. Yay, some poetry! Deep stuff too, you did a good job with difficult issues. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. I enjoyed that. Life is full of contradictions. I think the answer to the question though, what shall you do...is to live : )

  4. Wow...!! Thank you all (Millie, Marcia and Veronica) for visiting and posting your comments. I found out about the Weekend Writing Warriors through Teresa Cypher. Sorry for not posting a link or keeping to 150 words as my post was prior to entering but I will going forward...!!

  5. This is beautiful, Marjaan, lovely and candid thoughts... As humans, aren't we confused? Such is the nature of blind faith, I reckon.

    I'm so glad to see you join in! :-) Welcome to wewriwa!