Friday, March 21, 2014


Mind with pendulous thoughts
To do        or      not to do
To see      or      not to see
To take      or     not to take
To hope     or     not to hope
'To be        or     not to be'.

Thoughts like tides
climb high and fall low
splash and disappear
into drops and then drop.
Thoughts when rust
amputate Desires
To hear              to see
To act                to sleep
To remember    to enjoy
To preserve       to share
To care             to exist.

Thoughts minor or exalted
piled untidely in that store-house
The door always locked.
Let Hamlet run
But can I??
The kingdom of chaos
that I hold within,
of timelessness and emptiness.
Can I escape
a hanging, weightless, adrift creature,
An astronaut abandoned
in the Space
of thoughts, thoughts, thoughts ...........


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