Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cosmic Balance

There once was a girl who loved making ripples in the water. Every day she went to the beautiful pond, would throw a stone and then watch the ripples from a distance. The little girl believed if the waters were not stirred, the pond would become stagnant. Sometimes she threw a couple of stones for a much magical effect. She admired the wavelengths, the circumference and the gradual disappearance of the ripples as it travelled across the pond. All this gave much pleasure to the little girl but not to the fish in the pond. The fish enjoyed the childish antic in the beginning but then grew wary of the muddy water stirred below. The fish couldn't migrate from the pond as it was their home and they loved it; nor did the little girl stop throwing stones in the water as she loved doing it.....
How much is too much?


  1. Before I comment on the piece, I must complimemnt you on the name change. Exquiste.

    To me, it is about the self-control that plays a part in teh balance of is a common theme for this reader..For though I am all to aware that one who has acheived balance is blessed, I myself hevenever really managed to acheive it, save for a handful of vaporous moments in passing realities. In your story, the interests are two, making it all the more complicated...and though the one party (fish) has lost all interest in the "game", the other (girl) cannot get enough...It makes me think of complusive relationships... I know what is is to become so enthralled by "ripples" that the movements become muscle memory...or perhaps as the fish has exhausted its initial wonderment, the insistence of the girl has put them off more so than the actual act. I mean to say, had the stone-throwing not become so common, the fish may never have lost interest. I am rambling a tad, I confess. Balance and self-control have been on my mind as of late, so please excuse the incoherentcy (if such exists). In my defense, I have taken my morning tea, yet.
    There is an ancient Greek saying "the peak of all things is in the balance of all things". I wonder, though, if I had such a balance, eithout the peaks and valleys in my life, the the modulation of emotional frequency and the friction inherent therein..would I like who I would become? Sure, at this point in my jopurney, a "cosmic balance" sounds almost utopic, a just desire...though,I believe, half the joy of the tight-rope walker is in the gyratiion of his body as he seeks stability...almost like an anchor-less ship..the wind tossing it this way and that....

  2. Thank you Ioannis for visiting and commenting!! Your comment gives more weight to the article itself. You have a unique perspective and I am grateful to you for sharing your thought!!