Monday, August 1, 2011

Say It While It Matters

If someone ever does any good for you or impacts your life, or future, you should find the time and means to say at least 'Thank You' and to do it genuinely. You don't need riches to convey a simple 'thank you' or 'sorry' or 'I love you'. Ones that do good for you are genuine people and they understand a genuine word of gratitude. If you can't say it, then act it. Act in a manner that yells gratitude. After all the aim should be to let the person KNOW you are grateful for what they have done.

Its' useless to say thank you to someone or admit to their help long after they are gone. If you dedicate a poem, a book or a column honoring them its' good for you as you take the load off your chest but its' nothing to the dead person because he will never know that you are eulogizing him. Put yourself in those shoes and think how nice it would have been if you were thanked and appreciated for the good you did for so and so. It would indeed feel so satisfying and beyond words, great!!!

So if you mean to say 'thank you' then just say it when it really matters. Showing appreciation and gratitude afterwards is like saying thank you to the white walls where the picture of your benefactor hangs in your mind but in reality it is nothing but just white walls......

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