Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Distribution

Once upon a time there lived a God fearing King who wanted his poverty stricken subjects to be fed during the recent famine. He asked his counsel to arrange for all the poor to come to his kingdom where grains would be distributed amongst them. The King was shocked to see a large number of people come. He worried about an even distribution and who could take responsibility over the daunting job. An announcement was made as to who could distribute the food amongst the poor in a manner like God. The King’s advisor volunteered to do the job and told the king it will be taken care of diligently.

After a couple of hours the king's advisor came back and told the king that the work was done and that all the subjects received their portion of grain. The king was dumb-founded over the swiftness of the distribution and immediately doubted the advisor. He ordered for the advisor to be interrogated.

When questioned, the advisor replied, “I did it like you ordered. You wanted the distribution to be done exactly how God would have done it.”
The king nodded his head but still wanted to know how come it took so little time.
The advisor explained, “Well, I gave full cups of grain to some, to some I gave half a cup, and then to others I gave a few grains….just like how God distributes wealth and food…

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