Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Faithful Partner

The stars so quiet
so splendid
as our friendship seems to be.
Inconsiderate and dominant
unpretentious and generous
is my one and only true companion,
who shares my sorrows,
my fears, my troubles equally.
So faithful is my friend
at times it seems untrue;
One who knows my thoughts,
my heart
'Will never betray, has never betrayed.'
the motto of my admirer's life.
A desire so improper
sleeps and wakes
but my mind, I cannot tame.
O! For once taste infidelity!!
Nay--Am I too notorious
or too generous a lover?
A single day, a single moment
cannot be,
without my beloved here with me.
In light and in dark
through thick and thin
my pursuer stays with me.
Together we sit, together we stand
together we see.
In dark moonless nights
accross the romantic fire,
a fire feeding wicked warmth,
gentle yet wild flames play in eachother's eyes.
O how it burns me at times
when the hurt becomes intolerable
I tell my lover,
'Leave me !!-----forever!!'
If only my immortal partner,
my Past,
would get up and leave me forever,



  1. Wow. Powerful, Marjaan. Your writing style here puts me to mind of "Come Swiftly to Your Love", the Ezra Pound translation of love poems of ancient Egypt. It so perfectly communicates a myriad of emotions over love, fidelity, passion and memories. Very, very, nice :-)
    July 30, 2011 12:49 PM

  2. Thank you Teresa for taking interest in what I write. It really encourages me to write more. I always look forward to Ionnis, Dianna, and your comments/feedback as you guys are so talented yourself that my writings are dwarfed in comparison to all of you. Thank you again friend!!!
    July 31, 2011 10:19 AM