Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Wish For You


You make me happy;
in return
There's nothing more I can give but
a boquet of kind words,
a wish wrapped around you wherever you go...
I wish you never fall, but if you do
I wish to be of some comfort to you,
to be your sleep and soothe you,
to be a drink that quenches your misery,
to be your strength and give you victory,
to be a tune that keeps you alight.
I wish you simple yet plenty of joy
that lasts you and your loved ones.
I wish you all the good we know.
I wish you all you wish for.
May you be always happy, healthy and content.
May my love find you wherever you go,
May every joy be yours, the sky, the stars, the universe, the Heavens......

November 2010

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