Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Circle

Long ago before the Circle had a smooth round shape, the Lord had given it a rough shape with sharp edges and angles. Every day among the different shapes; the Square and the Circle, both friends, would talk about their daily excursions and the subtle experience they had along the way to the fields.

Then came a time when the Circle and Square started to compete with each other. They each wanted to out-do the other. In an attempt to reach earlier to the fields, the Circle would get up early and go out. On its way to the fields, the Circle would always have time to greet and chat along with other friends and shapes as it would stumble and fall along the way. Sometimes the Circle would come along new things in its path and it would take the time to acquaint itself with the various things. Soon the Circle realized that its pals were awaiting its arrival on the given route daily. They always took the time to wave, smile, explore, admire and appreciate each other and the surroundings. But there was one problem. The Square always reached ahead to the fields than the Circle. The reason was, the Square didn’t have as many sharp edges and angles as the Circle. So its stroll was always less edgy and faster than the Circle’s.

Frustrated at its failure to beat its pal, the Circle lamented to God about its shape. The Lord listened patiently and after hearing the Circle, said, “I will change your shape. I will give you a round shape so that you have no edges and no angles. But once I make this change, it will stay. Therefore I want you to think one more time before your wish is granted.”

The Circle went back home and thought about its state. It thought about all the good things that were to follow once its wish was granted. The next day, on its way back from the fields the Lord asked the Circle if it still wanted the wish. The Circle replied in the affirmative and so the Lord granted the wish.

The following day the Circle woke up and saw it had no edges, no angles but was round and smooth. The best day of my life, thought the Circle. It started rolling and was faster than it thought it would be. Off to the fields it rolled and before the Circle realized, it was there!! It finally beat its friend to the fields. The Circle didn’t believe it. The Square came an hour later and was amazed at the Circle’s transformation and the newly acquired ability of traveling faster than itself. But the Square wasn’t bothered about it. It continued being nice, helpful and happy.

Days past by and the Circle became used to its transformation and all the fastness associated with it. Now it seemed mundane. And now it started seeing things differently. It would reach the fields faster, and had to wait for its pal the Square. Waiting was boring. It realized that with its ability to roll faster, it missed out on enjoying Nature that it once did when it was slow. It realized that the little things it once stumbled upon are now over-looked or missed because of its speed. It realized that its fastness was causing it not to chat with friends and how it was causing a distance between its friends. Soon there was no one to wave to and no one to chat with. The Circle couldn’t slow down even if it wanted to and say hello or wave to its friends on the way. It realized that there was beauty in taking time to do things.

The Circle didn’t want to miss the subtle things anymore and wanted to slow down, so it asked the Lord for help. The Lord reminded it had given the Circle ample time to think about it and promised it wouldn’t ask for the wish to be undone. The Circle remembered its promise and therefore it accepted its roundness with a heavy heart.

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  1. Moral:

    ***Learn to accept the way you are.

    ***Take time to do things. There is beauty in taking time to do things. It unlocks mysteries and builds bonds.

    ***In attempts to wish for and achieve greater things, we forget to think about considering the whole picture, the good AND the bad.
    May 15, 2011 3:00 PM

  2. Marjaan: I've read this several times and so many quotes come to mind. Within a few paragraphs you have expressed many "morals to the story" and, I am sure many who read this will agree...we are made perfect the first time and there is no need for corrections (even if we think we know better than the Creator). Ancient texts and scriptures of all faiths have many stories where man thinks he knows better. We should all learn to embrace and accept who we are and then do all that we can to make those traits (talents) grow and bloom. I could go on and on.....
    May 18, 2011 6:06 AM

  3. I've read this post so many times this week. It has left a deep impression on my heart. Thank you. :)
    May 19, 2011 6:45 PM

  4. Dianna, thank you for reading and commenting.
    May 20, 2011 9:00 AM