Thursday, April 28, 2011

When Death Resides Within

Death is inevitable and is part of Nature's cycle of Life. It signifies decay and the end of Life. But in our lifetime we experience death many times.

The heart is like a plant; it gets its nourishment from the outside and is watered and pruned by the actions of those that love you. If your surroundings are sunny as required for happiness, the heart grows into a beautiful healthy plant. It will withstand the storms and the rains. It will remain fresh and will distribute its positive energy around itself. But too much of anything can hurt the heart too. If there is too much water, sunshine and nourishment it will burn and corrupt the plant. That is when we see a person become arrogant or self conceited because he received too much attention. Or when a person receives too much love, he may misuse the attention and become spoiled. Likewise a lack of nourishment will result in weaknesses like a person not receiving the attention deserved, will become lost and hopeless.

For the good heart to flourish, a balance is necessary in everything. It should receive what it needs in correct amounts. Once the roots become firm, it can withstand torrents of rain, storms and hail yet never lose ground. At different stages of life even when the tides are high, the strong one at heart will adjust the sail to accommodate the winds and sail peacefully. That is why it is important to nourish the heart.

Different people in our lives provide the sunshine, nourishment and water for our inner growth. These are people that matter to us and we love them. When this happens we see the best of that person. We see it through the face and the body and then through the actions. But if the heart does not receive its nourishment, it dies. That is when we let Life walk out and Death move in to dwell within us. The doors of every heart experiences this unfriendly knocking by Death. At times we give up and open the doors wide open for Death to enter triumphantly. Thus despair, hopelessness and sadness reserve rooms in the heart.

I've read blogs, articles and books that show ways to revive yourself... your heart, but it doesn't always work. I don't know what works as each time Death walks into any heart one tries to evict it through one thought or another. A time comes when there are no more positive thoughts left that can help bring sunshine to a darkened heart. Such a person doesn't care about what makes others happy, nor do they care about their own actions or how miserable they can be towards themselves and towards others. But is it their fault or is it the water, sunshine and nourishment not being provided to them that allows them to be that happy person. One cuts, cuts and cuts to pieces their desires, wishes, aspirations and dreams with every sour experiment and have the bits thrown away. They have no more wishes and desires left that can be discarded. Thus they allow death to dwell inside.....

"Get busy living or get busy dying..." Andy Defrense (Shawshank Redemption). Get busy with something and sweat yourself in and out by achieving that (goal). A good friend once said, "Children, good friends and goals can fight the emptiness and darkness from within."


  1. Well stated. I believe there are some people who reach the point of a dead heart and refuse to continue to fight the negative. It is far easier to live a dark life than to continually rise to the light in times of struggle.
    May 6, 2011 8:18 PM

  2. Thanks Dianna. I appreciate and look forward to your words of encouragement. It means alot especially coming from someone talented like yourself!!
    May 8, 2011 11:00 AM

  3. Malak Naz:
    A serious topic discussed in literary jargon. No, doubt, too much of everything is bad. But, how can a heart say," Thanks; I have enough of love and care and need no more". Or, to put it differently, who can determine the boundaries of love from where onward the heart becomes susceptible to decay. You have certainly thought of a topic that one would discuss very very cautiously.

  4. Mr. Malak Naz thank you for commenting on the topic. The heart will never 'say in words' that it has a surfeit of love and care. It is, after all just a plant that grows in all directions and needs to be cared for and pruned here and there in order to remain healthy. Can a plant tell us it has had enough of water and sunshine? It only can "show" it...... :)

  5. Malak Naz:
    I think Boethius's (AD-524)quote encompasses quite a few aspects of the discussion," Who would give law to lovers; love is unto itself a higher law".